Thursday, October 22, 2015

Classical Concert at Rastatt Residential Palace

The Palace is the oldest Baroque residence in the Upper Rhine Valley.
We attended a classical concert last night, unfortunately no photos allowed of the residence.
Beautiful tapestries on display.
Extremely opulent and the portraits of the family, showed very hard faces, no gentleness at all.
 One of the front entrances.
The Palace is designed to display the might of an absolutist monarch.
 The residence is painted in shades of pink and creams, with the walls adorned with fretwork plaster works.

The largest room is the Ahnensaal (ancestral) hall.
The frescoes depict the Margrave's ancestors and his victories in the wars against the Ottoman Empire. 


  1. It all looks fabulous. Don't overdo the minibar!. We missed you at CBDGT, only six of us today.