Wednesday, September 30, 2015

National Gallery of Victoria

Today, I had to make a trip into the city to deliver Victorian State Rose Garden brochures to Fed Square Tourism.
Had some time to fill in, so popped into the NGV to see what was being exhibited.
 Recognising excellence in contemporary Australian Design, this award is the highest accolade for object and furniture design in Australia.  
 Kate Rohde

 Pleasure and Reality

This exhibition was of painted AFL pottery.
The children were given cardboard pots to paint and decorate in their favourite AFL football colours and teams. 

Whenever we go to the bottle shop (John is a collector of wines), I always pick a wine with an interesting label. I find the design of the labels fascinating, more than the wine itself.
Liked this one.

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  1. You do manage to explore the city and thanks for posting your exploration!