Sunday, August 23, 2015

Geranium Propagation

 For several years we have driven home the back way and past this derelict cattle shed on the edge of the road. I have wanted to grab a few pieces of the red geranium but the fear of the snakes that might be lurking there has stopped me.
 The grass has been creeping up over the geranium and I thought if I don't get it I might not be able to later on down the track.
My friend Joy also likes geraniums, so I managed to get us 3 pieces for striking.
It was a matter of grab and run, better in winter than in summer!!!


  1. That is very overgrown. Anything could be under all that grass!

    Good luck with the propagation!

  2. Red geraniums remind me of high school....they were everywhere in the assembly area.