Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Student's Exhibition at the Closing of 2015 Fibre Arts.

A small selection of the student's works at the Exhibition last night.
 Our brilliant tutor, Kathryn Harmer-Fox from South Africa
 Due to luggage capacity, we all made a 4 inch piece that represented our work as a gift to Kathryn.

 The children of one of our classmates.
 One of the girl's husband, he loves to go for a morning dip.
 Jane's Ying and Yang cats.
 My piece - "Zebra for Emma",
needs to be finished properly with a mounting and straightening of the piece.
 "My Memories of Japan"
 Heather's drawing that was originally done by her 9 yer old daughter.
 Jo's first piece was of her 2 sons walking along the beach.
 Cindy's drawing originally done by her 5 yr old son , now 33.
 Monica's raggedy Anne doll
 Julie, a piece to commemorate the letters written by her Grandfather and Uncle.
 Chris' had a photo of her grand daughter heading into the Secret Garden.
 Teresa, a pheasant from her parent's farm in Ireland.
Jo, 2nd piece of her 2 sons.
Sally, looking backwards

Caroline Sharkey - Australia








  1. Wonderful work. Thanks for the photos, but even more for the guided in-person tour the other day!

  2. Thanks for the gallery of excellent photos. Lucky Emma. I love the Japanese felt bags!

  3. Fabulous photos Jenni - thank you as I didn't get to the final showings.

  4. The exhibition was fabulous with such a variety of work. Who wouldn't want to spend a week in Ballarat during Winter!!!