Friday, July 17, 2015

Rose Garden

Beautiful crisp morning at the Victorian State Rose Garden, Werribee Park.
We are slowly getting through pruning, 4 of us work on the weepers that circle the rose garden.

At the moment the filming of "Divorce", with Lisa McCune and Marina Prior is being filmed at the Mansion. Our very loud morning tea and lunch buzzer goes off, we are fascinated to know if it can be heard on set, do they have to do another take to cut it out? 
 Before pruning, working on "Seabreeze" in the foreground.
 After pruning and taking off the foliage.
There are already bursts of new buds on the stems.
5,000+ roses are pruned starting 10 June.
The garden is planted in the shape of the Tudor Rose with 4 petals. Petals A and B are finished, other volunteers hope to have petal D finished this week.
It is a lovely sight to come down and all of a sudden see the new growth. It happens at a different time each year in the month, one week it's bare and then the next week the horizon is various shades of burgundy. My adopted rose, "Savoy Hotel" is yet to be pruned.

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  1. Great effort! It is a beautiful garden, so congratulations to all the volunteers who work so hard to keep it that way.