Sunday, July 5, 2015

Fibre Arts coming to a Close.

 Our teacher made these A4 size postcards and offered them to us for sale.
 I bought the zebra.
 Part of Fibre Arts are the making of 15x15 and 10x10cm pieces of art that are for sale $15 and $10, money going to charity. These little pieces of art are in demand.
 The sale opens at a certain time and there are scrambles to get one.
If there is one you fancy you grab and run with the end of the raffle ticket to pay your money.

 I bought this paper cut one by "Ginny", love the colours and the delicate leaves of the pattern.
 I started my zebra yesterday.
Stitched tea bags around the edge.....
 Added strips of fabric and started to free motion stitch it.
The mane is made up of 2 pieces of edging.
Have to make a tail and free motion it to the back.
Then add some more tea bags to complete the edging.
 Kathryn our teacher showed us an example of colour placement and stitching.

The finished example.

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