Monday, July 27, 2015

Stash Busting for a Scrap Flying Geese

I spent my day yesterday cutting out 7" and 5 1/5" squares.
My friend Jenni showed me a fool proof way to make a flying geese x 4 block.
I want to use up as much as possible of my stash.
Some of these pieces are 25 years old.
Time to get rid of them.
 These 6 small baskets are all I have left of my fabrics.
(Also a large tub of Civil War/Reproduction.)
 2 baskets down and 4 to go.
 I have gone from this...... this.
A lot of the fabrics left over are plains and others not big enough for 5 1/5" squares.
I may be a case of "you just never know if that little piece will be needed".
Thanks Jenni, the block worked.
Will sew the blocks at a retreat in a few weeks.

Sunday, July 19, 2015


Have fixed the circles to the squares that I started at the Brenda Gael Smith workshop. 
Now to sew them down and decide if I need more squares to make up the size or add a border. Enjoyed doing it as they don't have to be perfect circles, randomly cut.
Stash of fabric got rid of.

Sunday and a Japanese Exhibition

Each Sunday afternoon we head off for a drive and a coffee. Never know where we will end up, pot luck!! Noticed this building in St. Kilda. Saw a documentary during lunch today on the Lego Factory, reminded me of the blocks.
 Beautiful afternoon of sunshine, but if I hear "it's cold" I will scream, it's winter!!!
 Parked by the Botanical Gardens.

"Shoalhaven Saplings" based on a painting by Arthur Boyd.
In the info building was the tapestry woven by the Victorian Tapestry Workshop to commemorate the 150th Anniversary of the Botanical Gardens.

Walked down St. Kida Road to the NGV for coffee.
 Permanent Japanese and Chinese Exhibition

Strolled back to the car via the Shrine of Remembrance.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Rose Garden

Beautiful crisp morning at the Victorian State Rose Garden, Werribee Park.
We are slowly getting through pruning, 4 of us work on the weepers that circle the rose garden.

At the moment the filming of "Divorce", with Lisa McCune and Marina Prior is being filmed at the Mansion. Our very loud morning tea and lunch buzzer goes off, we are fascinated to know if it can be heard on set, do they have to do another take to cut it out? 
 Before pruning, working on "Seabreeze" in the foreground.
 After pruning and taking off the foliage.
There are already bursts of new buds on the stems.
5,000+ roses are pruned starting 10 June.
The garden is planted in the shape of the Tudor Rose with 4 petals. Petals A and B are finished, other volunteers hope to have petal D finished this week.
It is a lovely sight to come down and all of a sudden see the new growth. It happens at a different time each year in the month, one week it's bare and then the next week the horizon is various shades of burgundy. My adopted rose, "Savoy Hotel" is yet to be pruned.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Weekend and Brenda Gael Smith Workshop

Lunch in the warmth of the Happy River Cafe, Footscray, 
then off to the Sun Yarraville to see "Woman in Gold".
 Overlooking the Maribyrnong River.
Spent the day at a Brenda Gael Smith's workshop,
"Serendipity Circles - Fused Circles"
 Our practice run of the fused circles.
We each had to to make one square.
 Practice run of our free cutting and pieced circles.
 My 6 squares to start with, have decided change my colour palette.
One of the girls made the pieced circles.
Looks great.
For further information:
Brenda Gael Smith
Serendipity Patchwork & Quilting

Wednesday, July 8, 2015


Had a mounting cut for the frame today.
So pleased with the way it turned out.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Home from Fibre Arts Week

One very lucky and spoiled lady,
came home to a planned roast, bottle of wine and a lovely bunch of flowers.

Student's Exhibition at the Closing of 2015 Fibre Arts.

A small selection of the student's works at the Exhibition last night.
 Our brilliant tutor, Kathryn Harmer-Fox from South Africa
 Due to luggage capacity, we all made a 4 inch piece that represented our work as a gift to Kathryn.

 The children of one of our classmates.
 One of the girl's husband, he loves to go for a morning dip.
 Jane's Ying and Yang cats.
 My piece - "Zebra for Emma",
needs to be finished properly with a mounting and straightening of the piece.
 "My Memories of Japan"
 Heather's drawing that was originally done by her 9 yer old daughter.
 Jo's first piece was of her 2 sons walking along the beach.
 Cindy's drawing originally done by her 5 yr old son , now 33.
 Monica's raggedy Anne doll
 Julie, a piece to commemorate the letters written by her Grandfather and Uncle.
 Chris' had a photo of her grand daughter heading into the Secret Garden.
 Teresa, a pheasant from her parent's farm in Ireland.
Jo, 2nd piece of her 2 sons.
Sally, looking backwards

Caroline Sharkey - Australia