Thursday, June 11, 2015

Some more of Seoul

 Fraser Place Central Seoul, we have a 2 bedroom apartment on the 5th floor.
 It is quite hot, I offered the man Won10,000 to flick the switch and cool me down.
Didn't take me up on the offer.
 Called into the art shop at the market, rows and rows of gel pens of every colour.
 One of the metro trains.
 3 Head statues at one of the stations
 Couldn't find the name of this building, amazing pattern.
 The ducklings had their own accommodation at the Secret Garden.
 Beautiful ironwork on the door of the Buddhist Temple.
 Outside of our hotel, a man sets up his sewing machine every morning to mend shoes.
 Doomsday Ring Clock outside Chanel Store.
 Not sure I would make it down these stairs quickly if a fire alarm went off!!
 When John scuba dived, he was never blue with cold as he loves cold water diving!!
Not sure who is holding up this bus outside Seoul Train Station, but he must be strong!!!