Friday, June 12, 2015

On to Hong Kong

Currently sitting at Incheon Airport waiting to board our flight to HK for 5 days.
I hope you have enjoyed just a small taste of Seoul, South Korea.
Thank you for reading my blog and travelling with us.
 Every meal is served with kimchi, which is fermented cabbage, actually very nice and does not add to the ozone layer.
 The 2nd dish always served with a meal is pickled radish, also beautiful and refreshing with a meal.
 Fascinating juice bar, you take a 3 pod container at the bottom of the rack, and choose which 3 fruits you would like to be made into juice. You place the 3 into the pod and hand it over to the maker.
 Emma and John being silly tourists, everywhere you see the Peace sign being made when a photo is taken. The Koreans love to pose for photos.
 Red Bean Paste donuts, the best.

 A couple of stalls at the Namadan Market.
Steamed pancakes.


  1. Korea has been fantastic, looking forward to your posts from Hong Kong as well!

  2. Love all the bright colours in those stalls. I am reading your blog in reverse - I'll change now and find your first Korea post.