Sunday, June 14, 2015

Hong Kong

It took a lovely Chinese lady at the front desk to help me do my blog.
I had to come down to the business centre to get it to open for posting.
This is our 6th visit to HK, love it every time we return.
 After we checked in, took a walk in the air-conditioned shops. it is so hot here, a completely different heat to Korea, sweating by the litre. Came across some silly things in a shop.
Year of the Dog, looks more like a cat.
 Head phones
 A selection of duck money boxes, have fallen in love with the frog.
 Teaset outside a hotel, not sure what it is referring to???
 An evening stroll along the promenade, past the Bruce Lee statue.
 Looking towards Hong Kong Island from Kowloon

 We spent the afternoon catching up with Grace our former travel agent who has been posted to HK

We have booked many trips through her, that she feels more like a good friend.
 Grace is a member of the Oz International Racing team for the Dragon Boat races next weekend.
Watched them practice.
 Over looking Stanley.
Caught the local bus to meet Grace. HK is made of several islands
 The way the humidity is, could have offered this guy some HK$ for a sit in his ice cream truck.
There was another man inside passing out the delivery.
 Murals are everywhere but you don't see any graffiti.
 Grace took us on the elevator that makes it's way up the side of the mountain on HK Island.
The elevators run down till 10am for the people to go to work and reverse to go up at 11am till nighttime for the workers to get home. The sides of the island are covered in high rise apartments.

Over looking Victoria Harbour from the Peak.


  1. I am happy that you have been able to continue posting. I would hate to miss out on your travels. You just have an eye for taking interesting photos.