Sunday, June 21, 2015

Weekend in Hobart

 Welcome to Hobart.
Happy "Big 0" Birthday John.

 Afternoon drive to Richmond, Australia's oldest bridge, opened in April 1825.

 Opposite the vineyard, this lovely little sandstone cottage sitting high up on the hill.
 Parliament House lit up for the night.
 A large ball of bamboo.

 Tall ship Lady Nelson at Constitution Dock.
The weather was beautiful, clear skies but freezing at night.

 Salamanca Market
 Appropriate head wear for the day. 
 Coffee and donuts at the market.
Washed out the cups, bought them home, thought they may be an inspiration for Winter School next week.
 A wood pile stack with a difference.
 Sandstone Cascade brewery with Mt Wellington in the background. Dusting of snow on the mountain.

 Called into the Botanical Gardens to see Tino from Gardening Australia's veggie garden.
A display of Sentinels.
 Woke this morning to ice on the car.
Breakfast of poached eggs and salmon by the beach.

Metal Rajah Quilt

 Cascades Female Factory.
From 1825 -1856, the factory operated as an institution intended to reform female convicts, some as young as 11. More than 5,000 female convicts are known to have spent time there.
They were incarcerated there as punishment, to be reformed or while waiting to be assigned. 

 It is made to weather the storms, to parallel the lives of the convict women, Patchwork pieces from unrelated, abandoned and discarded objects of metal are cobbled together with spaces representing the void through which the women traveled.

 Migrating birds of passage and bluebirds of happiness, hold aloft the inscribed plate in honour of the woman and children of the Rajah.
 Discarded washing in the laundry area.
The Matron's Quarter's
A lot of stories could be told of passing through the Matron's door..

Thursday, June 18, 2015

We're Home

Sitting at the airport, waiting to board last night.
Arrived this morning at 6.30am, 10 degrees and rain, very different to the mid 30's of 2 weeks.
Hope you have enjoyed our couple of weeks away.
Off to Hobart for the weekend tomorrow, must find the beanies and warm coats.
Cheers Jenni, John and Emma

Exhibition - HK Museum of Art

 To fill in some time before heading to the airport and to cool down from the heat, visited the Museum of Art.
 Wooden container and Lid
 Brush Holder
 Incense Holders
 Carved Narcissus 
 Brush Holder for Calligraphy
 Paintings on the parchment of fans




 Plum Blossom

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Happy Day at Disneyland

Everyone has to experience Disneyland once in their life.
 Handrails on the train
 Mickey windows of the train

 We went on the Grizzly ride, John and Emma twice, I screamed.

 The Lion King performance.

 This was a 4d show of all the Disney pictures, fantastic.

 My 2 all time favourite rides, Dumbo and the tea Cups.
 A different way of advertising the ice creams
 The Magic Castle
 The biggest attraction at the moment is Frozen, the queues were so long, so it was great, none of the other lines were that long.