Sunday, May 31, 2015

Today"s Cold Sunday Walk

Today's afternoon walk was through the Ballarat Botanical Gardens.
Rather cold and blustery.
 Beautiful ironwork at the gate.
 Beds have been planted for spring flowering.
 Avenue of Past Prime Ministers of Australia.
A rather true looking Julia Gillard!!!
 The last leaf on the tree.
 John almost hyperventilated at the leaves for composting.
Pleased we don't live nearby, he would be there after dark with a bucket.
 Another beautiful entrance to the gardens.
Sleeves of my jumper, knitted on the way there and back.
Joy, Jeann, Vicki and I are in Ballarat soon for Winter School, don't think I will get my jumper finished by then, but gee it's going to be cold!!!
Looking forward to 30+ degrees next week.


  1. You could have come and had a look at my house!
    Yesterday was too cold, but we were there anyway.

  2. Last time we were at Winter School there was ice on the ground. This winter already seems colder than previous so I wonder what the weather will be like in July. Enjoy the 30+. I know you will be thinking of us all rugged up!