Friday, May 15, 2015

Fibre Arts 15 x 15

At the Fibre Arts Winter School, in July, we are asked to bring along a piece of work 15cm x 15cm, which is then sold for $15, which goes towards the Scholarship fund.
 I took a photo of a door in Dijon, France
At last years Fibre Arts class I was taught a method by my teacher Lucy Worsley.
Take a photo copy (I got it in reverse), place it on some fabric and machine the photo.
When turned over,you have the stitching of the door.
 I cut out the photo door frame and placed it over the stitching.
 Placed on a background of book pages, stitched, used tea bags, rubber stamping 
and zig zag stitched background.
Stitched branches and stamped leaves and added French postage stamp from my childhood stamp album.
Piece finished and one more to do.


  1. That looks absolutely fabulous, Jenni. You have certainly gained a lot from the workshops.