Friday, May 8, 2015

Faux Leather Workshop

At our Art Play group, my friend Joy showed us how to make Faux leather.
Fascinating, as who would have thought we would get what we did out of a paper bag.
 Collect a few assorted paper bags, open the bag and discard the glued sections,
then paint with brown acrylic paint.
 I had a gift bag with a pattern on it, gave it a try using white acrylic paint.
Once the paint is dry, scrunch the paper up several times to break down the fibres and soften it.
You can really feel the difference each time you scrunch it.
A great stress relief exercise!!!
 The scrunching gives it the look of leather. I have a leather handbag that looks like this.
I joined several pieces together and was instructed to use a large stitch on the machine so the paper would not tear. It only needs a simple quilt. Lined the inside with fabric.
 Rubbing with neutral shoe polish gives it a shine.
Another journal to add to my collection. 
Many thanks Joy, a great workshop and a brilliant idea.

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  1. It is looking good Jenni. I am looking forward to see it for real at the next Art Play.