Saturday, April 4, 2015

Straight Lines versus Curves

Good Friday, fish and chips for dinner,
by the bay at Queenscliffe.
 Wind blown on the pier.
 I have always loved the pier, 
the straight lines would make a great pattern for quilting.
 Curved structures inside the pier boat shed.

 Have thought of a theme for the Fibre Arts class.
"Doors and Gates".
Bowl of old keys.

 Ironwork at a front door.
Old door, Creswick, wonder who opened this door and walked through.
Saturday lunch at Maldon, saw these wonderful baskets hanging outside a shop.
Drove to Maryborough to see the 2nd last day of the "Golden Textures" 
Biennial Contemporary Art Quilt Exhibition.


  1. For such a small gallery I was stunned at the quality of the quilts at Maryborough. Fabulous compositions, colour and stitching.

  2. Great theme for winter school Jenni, you have collected great source material. Looking forward to seeing what you do with it.