Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Silver versus White

My afternoon was spent waiting, waiting and waiting for the plumber to turn up to install our new oven. Finally 2.5 hours later than expected, he came.
 My poor old oven, worn out was on it's way to the tip.
The door would not stay closed unless we put a wooden spatula in it.
The fan bit the dust and no longer worked.

Now we have a lovely new one, the oven is the same size as the old, 
but have to get some malemite to close the gap.
Very deceiving size wise.
The trusty old quilting ruler came in handy, even the plumber was impressed 
and asked where to buy one!!!
The only problem with the whole thing was.... the manual didn't say how to light it.
After much fiddling finally worked it out.

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  1. When we moved into our new house I couldn't get the oven to work so they sent out a gas plumber. The only trouble was that it was an electric oven!!!