Saturday, April 18, 2015

AQC 1 - Australasian Quilt Convention - Melbourne

 In Melbourne we are very lucky to have the most beautiful and stunning Exhibition Building, Carlton.
 Wouldn't you love to have this amazing light hanging in your home.
 The ceiling and dome are exquisite.
Painted frescoes adorn the sides and wall.

 Aussie Hero Quilts & Laundry Bags had a stand.
Their quilts are designed to provide comfort to our men and women as they serve overseas.
The dimensions of the quilts are designed so that they fit snugly onto a ship's bunk or to wrap around the shoulders of a soldier sitting around a campfire. 
3,700 quilts and 5,700 laundry bags have been sent to our serving members overseas.

Width 42inches x Length 70-75 inches.
This size is for a ship's bunk, a land bunk bed and are small enough for the recipient to bring home in their luggage.
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  1. Great post about AHQ, Jenni. I spent Thursday morning volunteering on the stand. Many came up to introduce themselves to Jan-Maree(organiser) as they are part of a band of quilters from all over Australia who contribute fabric, blocks, quilts, quilt tops etc.