Saturday, April 18, 2015


 Some very moving quilts for the "Lest We Forget" Challenge.
Each and everyone of us have been touched in some way.

I found my Great Uncle's grave in France when we visited Glisy.

My maternal Grandfather was a stretcher bearer in the Lighthorse stationed in Egypt.
When he died in his 80's, it was found that he had lived all his life with shrapnel embedded in his brain.

My paternal Grandfather was Turkish, and because of his nationality, was interned in jail in Sydney during the 1st World War. It was 6 months after the war had finished that it was realised, he and 6 others were still in jail, they had been forgotten and left there. I never met him, but my mother always said he was a very gentle man was proud to be a naturalised Australian.

 I loved this quilt "Celebrate" by Katherine Jones.

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