Saturday, March 21, 2015

"Permission to Play" with Lisa Walton - Day 1

I was asked to join the Waverely Patchworkers weekend workshop with Lisa Walton from Sydney.
A beautiful sunny day, set up outside, which led to us to sun dye  and paint fabrics.

Carved stamp, the garden had a beautiful ginkgo tree.
I loved these trees in Japan, so what better image to do, than this.
Stamped using shiva stix and rolled paint.
Scrunched fabric, sun dyeing using leaves and stencils.
I have a mental blank of the type of salt we sprinkled onto our wet fabric!!

A great day, tomorrow we will be screen printing.
Also more painting and then cutting and piecing our fabrics into a small hanging.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful workshop!

  2. Ginkgos are one of my favourite trees and their leaves make a great stencil

  3. Epsom salts on the fabric, left delicate rectangular marks. The "strawberries" on the bottom left are printed using a stamp made from expanding sponge. They have a wonderful bubbly texture.

  4. Thank you Jeanette, I woke up during the night and it came to me, Epsom Salts! That's it, strange how things come to us in the middle of the night. See you soon, Jenni.

  5. I loved all that work. Come on down to ArtPlay!!!