Saturday, March 28, 2015

Workbook - Take 2

I wasn't very happy with the edging of my cover of my workbook.
Decided to bind it and pleased I did.

 I have a week at Fibre Arts coming up soon, 
my work book is ready for my next class.
Reverse side of the cover showing the ginkgo leaves stitching.

Fibre Arts Winter School Inspiration - I need some help!!

I am doing the week's class at the Ballarat Winter School with Kathryn Harmer - Fox,
from South Africa. Her class "Using Your Sewing Machine as a Creative Tool"
involves thread painting
We have to source inspiration which could be eg. photos, collection of something, a drawing, feathers, shells etc
I have found a few photos. Still have some time.
My shell collection
 The Rhine River, Germany

 Drinking fountains in Zurich, Switzerland

 Doors in Dijon, France

 Dune 45, Namibia
Epernay, France

Quilts In The Barn Exhibition

 This exhibition featuring the quilts of:
Margaret Sampson - George,
from the Blue Mountains, Sydney and her students.
 Stunning quilts. 

A sign was displayed asking, if photos are put on social media, 
please do not photograph the whole quilt.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Work Book Cover

 Finished the cover for my Winter School workbook.

Quilted ginkgo leaves and added some gold shiva stix

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Colour Zing

At the weekend class, learnt about using colour to give a base colour a zing.
 Caught these 2 skies yesterday morning and thought about if they were a colour wash 
what colour could I put to make it zing.

 At the Polly Woodside yesterday afternoon, 
reds and greens, if I used all shades of green, a red would compliment it.

Burano Island, Venice.
This cottage certainly had zing to it.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Day 2 with Lisa Walton

Another beautiful sunny day at Mount Street Community Centre, Glen Waverley, 
with the patchwork group. A weekend of getting our hands dirty and great company.
While the others were having a beading lesson, Jeanette and I took the opportunity to print off more fabric using the scrunch and sun dye methods.
 Added gold ginkgo leaves by rubbing with a shiva stix over my handmade stamp.
 Bubble wrap overlay and used electronic label strips that we had in the garage.
 Thinking...thinking...where do I start?
Very intimidating.
 Lisa started me off with random cut strips and roughly placed "without thinking". 
The only commercial fabric is the orange/lemon swirls.
I made the rest.
My finished piece.
Some of the fabric is used reversed side and I had a packet of silk scraps.
Thank you Waverley, Lisa and especially Jeanette for thinking to ask me.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

"Permission to Play" with Lisa Walton - Day 1

I was asked to join the Waverely Patchworkers weekend workshop with Lisa Walton from Sydney.
A beautiful sunny day, set up outside, which led to us to sun dye  and paint fabrics.

Carved stamp, the garden had a beautiful ginkgo tree.
I loved these trees in Japan, so what better image to do, than this.
Stamped using shiva stix and rolled paint.
Scrunched fabric, sun dyeing using leaves and stencils.
I have a mental blank of the type of salt we sprinkled onto our wet fabric!!

A great day, tomorrow we will be screen printing.
Also more painting and then cutting and piecing our fabrics into a small hanging.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

A Week of Sewing

Having a week on my own while John is in Korea. 
Made another 6 blocks of my Lori Smith quilt.
Not happy with it.
As I am using up part of my stash, unfortunately the 100% cotton fabrics that I bought for the centre blocks, the measurements do not match the blocks.
Will un pick it all and re cut to match the pieced blocks.
Another problem is that the fabrics fray dreadfully.

 Appliqueing the centre block.
Oh well.... kept me out of mischief for this week.
Might get back to piecing more 1 inch diamond stars and read my Book Club book.