Saturday, February 28, 2015

To my blog readers..... know who you are.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

5,000 Poppies Project

 This morning before I headed to CBD GTG, I popped into the 5,000 Poppies Project and had my orientation of how to attach the poppies to the netting for the display of them at the Shrine.
 This afternoon I did an hour, of tagging them to the netting.

The project has a room at the Melbourne Town Hall.
 Tagging gun for attaching them to the netting.

 Once the length of netting is covered, it is rolled up for safe keeping.
There are 80 rolls to be done before the 25th April, 2015.
A young girl called in to see what we were doing, 
she had her new 8 week old rabbit, Cocoa, with her. 

Friday, February 20, 2015

Postcard Swap - Use a Photo.

Our Aus-NZ art textile group's latest swap, is to make 4 postcards using a photo.
I bought the fabric in a little quilt shop in Tokyo that we found in the subway under out hotel.
The pre-cut fabrics (Japan's version of a fat quarter 30cm x 112cm)
were 200Yen and 170Yen = $2.10 and $1.80 AUD.
Practiced some sashiko stitching, not an easy task, getting the right amount of stitches.

 Photos - O-torii Gate at Miyajima off the coast of Hiroshima.
(O-torii means Grand)
 Photo - Kaisekito Pagoda on the edge of Hisagoike Pond 
in the Kenrokuen Gardens in Kanazawa.
Photo - Memorial Lantern in the garden of a home in Takayama.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

A Week of......

 Spent 3 hours deadheading the weepers at Rose Garden.
The roses are still coming out and looking beautiful.
Soon it will be time to stop the deadheading, to let them rest until pruning.
 Covered more diamonds ready to sew into stars.
I am using light coloured fabric, so decided to use the reverse side of some of the pieces, 
just to use them up.
 This mornings harvest.
 Prepared more blocks ready to stitch together.
This month's book club, have started it twice, must get into it.
They say everything comes in 3's, perhaps the 3rd go will be better.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Japan Stitch and Collage

I attended the Fibre Arts Winter School at Ballart doing a class with 
Lucy Worsley in Stitch and Collage.
I made 2 pieces in class using memorabilia of our holidays in Europe.
I enjoyed her class so much that I decided to collect pieces during my Japan tour last year.
 An old tissue paper book that I bought at an Antique Fair in Yokohama.
These were white washed with acrylic paint. 
 Bits and pieces.
 I had an oblong frame with a mounting and decided to use it with another frame I had.
I am pleased with the way it turned out. My impression of Japan was that all things were regimented and straight. So laid out my collection in a straight form.
 Stamps and a bookmark that I cut down to size.
Red symbol cut from wrapping paper.
 The blue symbols were from a paper bag one of my purchases came in.
The Japanese maple leaf was a handmade postcard we made at the Washi workshop.
 I was given the origami crane by Cindy our tour guide. 
I cut out 2 small pieces from sheets of Japanese paper.
Photo of O-Torii Gate at Miyajima off the coast of Hiroshima,
my favourite city)
Fabric with a cut out symbol from some wrapping paper.
Ticket from Edo-Tokyo Museum and Takayama Government House.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

3 Blocks

 Yesterday prepared another 3 blocks for my quilt.
It is surprising how long it takes just to measure and cut out fabric.
 Went out for dinner last night.
Appropriate signage.
 Walked out and noticed this little piggy on the side wall.......
Another warm day predicted.
Bring on Autumn.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Covered Travel Journals

 I have filled my covered journal and have started a new one for 2016.
Began 2011 with a trip to Europe and finishing with a holiday soon in Korea/Hong Kong and a Moselle River cruise later this year.
It's great to look back on the pages which are filled with information on accommodation, tours, general info, airline/train timetables info etc.
My green one is rather battered as it has accompanied us on all our trips since 2011 and can tell a few stories on our adventures. 
I write everything travel in them and would be lost if I didn't take it with me.

Sun Printed Postcards

Have received 4 great postcards from our group swap on Sun Printing.
Thank you to:
Anieta and Helen
Sally and Ann