Sunday, January 11, 2015

Summer Colour

Sunshine Yellow.
 Took a break today from building, for a drive to our favourite lunch spot:
Green Olive at Red Hill.
Sunflowers in the vegetable garden of the cafe.
Red and Green
Simple olive tree sculpture.
Purple and Lime Green
Called into Eden Gardens nursery at Mt Eliza, 
I love this glass agapanthus sculpture at the entrance.
Reds and Yellow.
Came home to a harvest of tomatoes.
Some not quite ripe, but got to them before the birds did.


  1. I love that agapanthus sculpture!

    My tomatoes are still green, but masses of them on one plant. Capsicums are growing well but something ate my peas and beans.

  2. Love the glass agapanthus, but my first try at commenting on it ended up on the wrong post - sorry.

  3. Lovely tomato harvest, I'm picking them too and plums as the birds have found that they are ripe. Possums haven't attacked the quinces yet, but it will happen.