Saturday, January 3, 2015

It's Hot, but it is Summer

 New Years Day we went off to see The Imitation Game at the Sun Theatre in Yarraville.
Brilliant movie. In the Davis theatre the light above, spiked the interest as a quilt pattern.
I think the movies will be busy these 2 days with the heat.
Hand pieced some more stars under the air con with the TV on.
 How much of the Die Hard marathon can one watch???
Sat through 1 and 2, No. 3 is on now, decided to cut out the next block for my Lori Smith quilt.
 Have my little air con on in my sewing room.
Blocks 2 and 3 made up.


  1. The stars are looking good Jenni. What Lori Smith pattern are you making? I've been excavating the sewing room but it really is too hot and I'd do better stitching in front of the AC. LOL

  2. Not a Die Hard fan myself so would find sitting through so many very hard..... Love the Lori Smith little blocks - like Jan Mac I would like to know the name of the pattern.