Monday, November 10, 2014

Tokyo Bits and Pieces

 View of the Tokyo skyline from my window, looks just like any other city in the world.
We are surrounded by the University.

 The leaves are starting to turn for Autumn.
It is not cold enough as yet for the trees, but as we head north tomorrow we hope to see the Japanese Maples in colour.
 Still waking up at 4am, so decided to watch some TV with a cuppa, a sugar coated cookie and did some sewing.
I thought The Big Bang Theory was weird in French, wait till you hear Sheldon in Japanese.
 Have no idea what these symbols are at the bus stop, cute.
 Tokyo skyline as head out of the city.
 These high rise apartments are for Government workers.
 Residence at the Shibori Dying factory.
 Buckwheat noodle, eaten cold dipped into sauce.
If you don't slurp, then it is considered bad manners.
 Majority of the homes have a veggie garden on their nature strip.
The sculptured trees are beautiful, a work of art.
 A couple of bullet trains, they leave every 15 minutes, looking forward to our ride next week.
With a speed of over 300kmph, the sports mode on my camera had better be working.
 Some fabric shopping in Nippori.
Tomato is a famous 7 floors of fabric shop. I bought a top and a handbag!!!


  1. That cloud pruning is amazing!

    I would have to follow that arrow to Nippori Textile Town.