Monday, November 10, 2014

Shibori Indigo Dying Workshop

After breakfast we headed out of the city into the country, 1 1/2 hours from Tokyo.
We attended a Shibori dying workshop.
The son of the Master gave us a lesson on this amazing indigo coloured way of dying fabric.

 My piece of white fabric, I folded it into 5 and then concertinaed folds and secured with a rubber band. This was then dipped in cold water to wet the fabric. 
 The fabric is then dipped for 2 minutes into these vats of dye.
Terrible odour, really stunk.
You would not want to fall in as they are 2m deep. We squatted on the edge.
We wondered how many bits of fabric are lying on the bottom.
 The fabric comes out green before we rinse it in water.
Just as well we wore rubber gloves, it takes 2 days for the dye to come off the skin.
 Hanging on the line to dry. We dyed a large handkerchief, too good to blow your nose on!!!
 Lisa decided to dye her coat, brave move but it turned out ok.

 Dyed wool in the shop.


  1. A whole shop of indigo, bit overwhelming. You must be very tuned into blue now. I've tried to figure out how your piece would have turned out, stripes or checks?

  2. Would love to do a shibori dyeing workshop. Reminds me of tie dyeing at school but not the beautiful indigo colour and all its shades.