Friday, November 7, 2014

Shanghai to Yokohama

 Wednesday we flew to Shanghai for the night and then on to Tokyo the next morning.
There are 14 of us on the Lisa Walton tour for 17 days.
Our hotel in Yokohama joins in with a huge shopping area.
We all decided to check it out.
The currency Yen is quite easy to convert once you get the hang of it. If it costs 10,000 Yen, you drop the last 2 numerals and the cost is approx. $100AUD.
 I headed down to the food hall and what an non-dieters paradise.
 Food, glorious food!!!

I found Green Tea Kit Kats at the supermarket, bought a packet of Liptons Tea bags and some milk.
Unfortunately they do not serve tea or coffee on the plane and I was hanging out for a cuppa.
On the 7th floor of the store is the department where the Kimonos are sold and made.
I snuck this photo. The hand bags they carry are all hand embroidered, silk and matched with their thong shoes. Hair accessories are sold as well, very delicate silk flowers on combs. There are rolls of fabric where they can be chosen and made.
We have seen several young women wearing them, and have been told that they must be off to an important function.


  1. Lovely photos Jenni - and that food......yum..

  2. Hello, We are both enjoying your trip with you.Sounds and looks wonderful,your photos are great keep them coming Cheers Joy & Ian xxx
    PS You won Ian with the food.