Thursday, November 13, 2014

On the way to.......

 The Japanese toilets are self explanatory.
There is a button to push if you would like music played to drown out the noise of using it.
Also several washing of the body options. A clip to hook your walking stick on to.
 This toilet had a small seat for a mother to place her baby whilst using it.

 We left the western style bedroom behind and slept in a traditional room for 2 nights.
I put 3 more futons under mine, gave me a small amount of height to get out of bed.
This one had a traditional pillow but the one we slept on at another hotel last night had a pillow filled with rice. I slept better than I thought I would.
 We dressed in a ugata, Japanese gown for dinner and not allowed to wear shoes at the hotel. Checked that I had no holes in my socks.
I wonder how many hip replacements are done in Japan, I am really feeling it with  the lowness of the furniture. Back to a western hotel tonight.
It was great to experience their way of living.

 Don't you love the "traditional" red handbag!!!
A Japanese woman will rise before her husband and put on her makeup and go to bed after him with the light out. A husband will never see her without her makeup.
 Suburban houses of today. Love the roof line and tiles.
 I know we head the way of the arrow but have no idea what the rest means.
The picture is a roadside stop like we have at home.
 One of the many drink dispensers on the side of the road.
 You will not find rubbish bins on the streets.
A person is expected to take all their rubbish with them, even in large cities.
They are very big on recycling.
 The water is safe to drink.
 Today we drove through the mountain on the way to Takayama.
The mountains are getting ready for the ski season and we passed through 18 tunnels.
There 14 of us on the tour and this allows us all to have a window seat.
A roadside lamp, wonder how it stays dry with the paper lining.
Unfortunately my camera battery died and had to take photos of Takayama on my travel phone, will have to wait till I get home to post them. I now know that I shouldn't leave my large camera on the bus and take it with me each day.
This is a great tour and everyone is getting on so well.

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  1. Jenni, love, love these photos. So pleased you are having a great time. What memories you will have when you get back home.