Monday, November 17, 2014

Kyoto Museum District

 This pieced wall hanging in The Kyoto Textile Centre was beautiful.
 A dyed piece.
 We did a workshop on printing, each piece was done with several layers.
I have the name of the procedure somewhere in my case.

 Tapestry in the hotel.
 At the textile centre we were treated to a kimono fashion parade.
You can tell if a lady is married, her sleeves are short, so that they don't get in the way of household duties. A young woman will have very long sleeves.

 Japanese dolls.
 Kyoto Museum of Crafts
Unfortunately no photos allowed.
 A quilt exhibition was in the next hall by the Kyoto Quilters Guild.
They let me take a photo of the poster.
Interesting listening to the viewers picking on some of the workmanship, I don't understand Japanese but their tone of voice let us know what they meant. Happens all over the world!!!
 The gateway to the museum district.
The first Japanese flag seen on the tour.
They do not fly  their flag like Australia

The Kyoto Tower.
Saw this letterbox on my early morning walk.
While everyone is in their rooms having a sleep in, I go for a walk and find treasures like this.

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  1. Walking is certainly the way to find gems. I did not know about kimono sleeves!