Sunday, November 16, 2014

Kobe Beef and Bullet Train to Hiroshima

 Noticed outside the restaurant for lunch.
A sparky's paradise, if they had to rewire these overhead power lines.
Not exactly something you would see in the 21st Century.
 Frying garlic chips.
 This kobe beef is the best I have ever tasted, melts in the mouth.
 Next came the bean shoots and bok choy.
 After lunch we headed for the station and took the bullet rain to Hiroshima.
Was told 395Kmph.
I felt a little unwell after the 1 1/2 hour ride, my ears wouldn't pop.
Unfortunately we didn't get to sit in the panda seats.

 Looks like something out of Star Wars!!

After arriving we took the tram to our hotel. Inside the tram is almost identical to our Melbourne trams, only one difference, they have conductors standing at the door to take your fare if you don't have a swipe card.

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  1. Amazing inter and intra city travel, all on rail. We can only dream.