Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Kintaikyo Bridge, Iwakuni

 The Kintaikyo Bridge, in a straight line it is over 193.3m in length and 5m in width.
 The curved bridge is structured with exquisite and strong arches.
 The 3rd Federal Lord, Hiroyoshi Kikkawa, wished to build a bridge that would never wash away.
It was built without piers.
 Fishing for trout in the Nishiki River.
 100 flavours of ice cream greets you at the other end of the bridge.

 This the one and only cherry blossom we have seen.

 The gardens are beautiful.

The bells are rain catchers, they are installed at the down pipe, when it rains they fill up and flow down. Several of the girls have been looking for them to take home.

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  1. I notice the weather has cleared, everything is stunningly beautiful. Love the bridge.