Sunday, November 16, 2014

Kinkaku (The Golden Pavilion) / Rokuon-ji Temple, Kyoto

 The Pavilion is a shariden, a Buddhist hall containing relics of Buddha.
The gardens and buildings were said represent the Pure Land of Buddha in this world.
 The First Gate
 The Belfry

 The priests living quarters

 The Golden Pavilion
Gold foil on lacquer covers the upper 2 levels of Kinkaku


 The golden phoenix stands on top of the shingled roof.
 The first level is built in the shinden style of the 11th century imperial aristocracy.
The second level in in the buke style of the warrior aristocracy .
The top level is in the Chinese zenshu-butsuden style

The garden is listed as a National Special Historic Site and Special Place of Scenic Beauty.
It's design is for strolling.


  1. The old buildings seem to reflect the landscape shapes and colours. Definitely a place for a contemplative stroll.

  2. What a great time of year to visit - the autumn colours are just beautiful.