Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Some Treasures from Japan

I have been asked what I bought on the tour.
I bought little compared to others, some had a second case filled with goodies, checked in at 20kg!! 
I get a bit overwhelmed at buying things and it is when it is too late that I think, 
why didn't I buy 2 of them.
The funniest purchase was for Emma, my daughter.
She was born in the Year of the Dog (1982)
I bought the little symbol sitting on a red rug, every time I looked at it, was reminded of a cat, it had whiskers, (not her favourite animal). 
I asked the others on the tour and they all said CAT. 
Apparently it is a Japanese version of a dog, so it now sits on her shelf with all the little "TACKY" treasures she has picked up travelling. 
I wonder how many people have a tacky shelf?? 
 Small paper covered red box.
Traditional 3 tired lacquered box with cherry blossom.
Cindy our guide made us all an origami crane.
The calendar from Itchiku Kubota Art Museum.
A fabric painted coy carp.
Fabric beads.
 I bought my little fish tea pot from Shanghai.
 We fell for the Kit Kats, every where we went, had to find another flavour.
Wasabi, Oranges and Lemons, Apple and the Green Tea and Chilli have already been consumed.
 From our workshops.
Handmade paper postcards, Shibori Indigo dyed handkerchief and Yuson dyed handkerchief.
It wasn't till I had done the flowers that I was told there was a cherry blossom stencil.
 Program of the winning quilts from the Yokohama Quilt Ferstival.
A few packets of Sashiko pieces with the needles and thimble.
The little blue packet at the bottom had toothpicks in it, but I will use it for a needle case.
Sashiko threads.
 A collection of fabrics in Taupe colours for a piece I have an idea for.
The fat quarters were $2 AUD. Why didn't I buy more???
 Handles for a bag I have a pattern for.
A paper Christmas decoration, always buy a decoration wherever I go in the world.
2m of taupe fabric =$7.60 AUD. They only had the one colour.
 Love the paper bags the goodies come in. Japan recycles everything, 
But they put it in the paper bag and then into a plastic bag. 
One night, sorting out for packing I threw out 29 plastic bags!!
 Rice paper.
I am doing a class at the Fibre Arts Winter School in July,
want to use these papers for my pieces on "Seasons"
 A couple of pieces of Indigo dyed fabric. One of them is a small table runner.
Next to the Quilt Festival was an antique market.
Found this tissue paper booklet, will use it at Winter School.
 A few postcards handed to us on the tour.
I bought the 2 Mt Fuji, thought they were different to the traditional ones.
Last of all are the entrance tickets. I always save these as a reminder.
There will be another tour next year, the Yokohama Quilt Festival and beyond.
If you go to Lisa's Dyed and Gone to Heaven blog, the blogs I follow on my list, the dates etc are there for 2015.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Thank you

Domo arigato
(Many thanks)
Thank you to all who followed my blog, I hope you enjoyed my trip to Japan and Shanghai.

French Concession Area of Shanghai

If it wasn't for the people milling around, who would have thought we were in China!!!
Beautiful architecture.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Back to Reality - Home

 Sunrise over Central Australia this morning.
Many thanks to Lisa Walton, from Dyed and Gone to Heaven, for her tour of Japan.
I had the most amazing time on this trip, the friendships I have made, the scenery I  have seen and the experiences of Japan are something I will always treasure.
"It is always great to go away, but  love to come home".


 Takayama Jinya was a branch office of the Edo Bakufu (government) from 1692 - 1868.

 Straw matting.

 Government Offices
 Mamuki Usagi
(Nail head concealer) The oriental fixtures to hide nails are designed as a rabbit.

 Sachiko shop embroidery.