Sunday, October 12, 2014

Quilts In The Barn

 The annual fundraiser for Breast Cancer was held at Quilts In The Barn, Wonga Park,
45 min drive east of Melbourne.
Enjoyed a lovely morning with Joy and Lee-Allan, viewing the quilts and catching up with those we hadn't seen in a while.
 A lot of the quilts were antique looking, some using chinz, Civil War and Reproduction fabrics.

Who said you can't use yellow in quilts, a stunning way of using the same block.
Perhaps someone needs to "arrest" the Quilt Police!!!


  1. Bonnie Hunter obviously hasn't heard that you can't put yellow in quilts. She adds yellow ( or cheddar as she calls it) all the time and her quilts look fantastic. Looks like a great exhibition you visited. Lots of inspiration too?

  2. I also loved the applique quilt with quite a bit of yellow and a lovely olive green (you have it in one of the photos)

  3. Thanks for sharing your photos Jenni. I didn't make it down this year as I was there twice for classes this week and last week and ran out of time.