Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Colours of Nature

 The colour of yellow is something that is avoided in a lot of quilts.
I love Canola time, it is a beautiful happy colour.
 At State Rose Garden this morning,
this little finch was doing a balancing act on one of our rose buds.
 After our volunteer session at the garden, we were taken on a tour of the
Werribee Mansion vegetable gardens and orchard.
The bright colours of the pansy beds. The other beds were being prepared for mixed petunias
 One of the Mansion's vegetable gardens, they are maintained by
volunteers of the local Korean community.
Adam, the Park Ranger showed us how the bamboo stands work.
Melons, cucumbers and other vine vegetables are grown over the top
so that the fruits can hang down and stay off the ground.
The large cane structure in the background will have watermelons grown on it.
I called into the Convent at Abbotsford last week and spotted this mosaic floor.
I have always been partial to blue and brown colours together.


  1. Loved those paddocks of Canola when I used to drive to Geelong each week.
    Am a trifle envious of all those lovely bamboo frames also.

  2. I also like blue and brown together and in the right place, I think yellow can be a sparkle in a quilt!

  3. Love the canola fields as well Jenni. That floor would look beautiful in quilt.