Friday, September 19, 2014

Yokohama and New Pattern

 I received a copy of the Yokohama Quilt Festival 2014 Program brochure from a quilter in the U.K.
Her blog was about her attending last year and Carin kindly forwarded it to me.
Carin lived in Japan and sent the times etc for the workshops that she translated for me.
Unfortunately the brochure is in Japanese and I can't get the translator to work on my lap top.
I emailed the Festival and they sent me a reply to say that they don't have an English version of it.
Fingers crossed, when my new computer arrives it will have the software needed for translating before I head off.
I loved doing the Medallion Melody quilt by Lori Smith.
So much so that I ordered another of her patterns.
This one will be done by machine piecing and using up as much of my stash as I can.

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