Sunday, September 14, 2014

Ville Verde Gardens

On Friday our bus trip for the Victorian State Rose Garden took us to
"Ville Verde" in Micklehan Rd, Greenvale Victoria.
This 6ha property hides behind a small gate and you would never know it was there.
Rocky and Antionette open their garden on the 3rd weekend each November for charity.
The roses were yet to flower but when they do it will be stunning.

 The lakes use recycle water.

 This little kid goat was born while we were there.
A bit wobbly on it's feet.

 Weddings are also held here.

While the others in our group chatted about roses, flowers etc, I spent some time with Rocky talking about vegetables. He has a huge vegie plot, many chooks, ducks, goats, sheep and cattle, all are used for feeding his large family. Being Italians, I would love to attend one of their tomato bottling weekends.
His orchard of grapes, fruit trees and olives are all collected and bottled by the family. He also makes his own prosciutto.
Nothing on the property is wasted.
We enjoyed our morning tea and lunch on the huge veranda which overlooks a large circular lawn and fountain where they hold concerts and dinners.  

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