Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Gelatine Plate Printing

On one of the internet groups that I belong to,
we have a challenge to make a gelatine plate for printing
and 4 postcards to swap.

 Had fun playing today.

 Unfortunately, and I don't know if it was due to the warm weather outside,
my plate decided to break up after painting for 30 minutes. 
 Put the gel back in the microwave, melted it and then re-set it in the tin.
I hope it works.
I have the week on my own as John is in Korea, so ran up another boys charity quilt for Regent Street. Needs borders, so hope there is fabric in the cupboard at Regent Street, I don't have any as I am using up all my stash.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Sunshine and Stitching

 Sat for 2 hours after lunch in the beautiful sunshine, covering more 1 inch diamonds.
Now the clouds have arrived and the sun has gone behind them.
Lennon kept me company while Lucy was off digging holes in the lawn.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Fields and Forests Exhibtion

Yesterday I used my last Seniors Voucher to travel on the train to Ararat,
to view an embroidery exhibition.
Caught the train at Bacchus Marsh, took 1 hour 45 minutes to travel via Ballarat.
(photos were allowed)
 "Framed Button Tree" by Elaine Fenn
 "Callistemon Birds" by Chris Harris
 "Autumn" by Barbara Burdett
"Flower Bag" by Elsie Duver
 There were 39 pieces on display and they were beautiful. A couple of small quilts were hanging.
The work of the members was exquisite.
 At the Gallery was also a display on "Drawings by Drysdale"
Towards the end of Russell Drysdale's life, he was in hospital recovering, and drawing occupied him.
I loved his pen and ink sketches.
 Tiled floor at the entrance to the local bakery.
 Spring is coming to Ararat.

I went for a walk, filling in 30 minutes before my lunchtime train home.
There were some lovely detailed buildings. Apart from the icy cold wind, I enjoyed the morning and was pleased I saw the embroideries before the closing of the exhibition today.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Mythbusters comes to Australia

I thought it was about time John got to see a show that he is interested in.
Yesterday afternoon we went to the Mythbusters afternoon show.
He has always watched it on TV.


The show was great, physics/experiments were explained and shown, behind the scenes tour and a lot of laughter. Sessions of questions from the audience and participation.
One audience member dressed in the armour and the physics of paint ball and it's speed was demonstrated. Photos were allowed (no flash), Jamie and Adam were entertaining.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Quilting Patterns around Melbourne CBD

I backed out the driveway, got every green light, the window of less cars on the freeway, the last car park at Newport Station and the train came as I stepped onto the platform.....
...this gave an hour to fill in in the city yesterday before catching the tram to an appointment.
Went for a walk and noticed around me the patterns that could be used for quilting and borders.

All of these were in the boundary of Swantson Street, Flinders Lane and Collins Street.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

A Day of Paper Textiles and Quilt Exhibitions

Up early this morning to catch the 7.20am train from Southern Cross to Bairnsdale.
I had read about an exhibition called "Bound/Unbound"
by members of the Paper Arts Gippsland East
held at the East Gippsland Art Gallery.
I had a Seniors Voucher, so thought what a good way to use it.
 The train trip was approx. 4 hours long each way,
which gave me time to read my new Book Club novel
and do some hand piecing of my 1 inch diamonds.
It also gave me the chance to try out the "fast speed" mode on my new camera as I will be going on the Bullet train in Japan.
The V/Line train travelled at snail pace compared to what the Bullet will go at!!!
 The Gallery was a quick 10 minute walk from the station.

 Snuck this pic from outside the Gallery through the window.
The exhibition was amazing and the paper textile pieces were stunning.
68 pieces were on show, from altered books, handmade paper and sculptures.
Well worth the long train trip for the day.
Managed to get the early post lunch train back to Melbourne and be home for dinner at 7pm.
 The Bairnsdale Court House next to the Gallery. 
 Due to arriving back earlier than expected, I quickly popped across the road in Collins Street,
to have a glance at "Stitching Stories Quilt Exhibition".
Exhibitors are: Linda Bear, Dijanne Cevaal, Lesley Goddard, Felicity Griffin Clark,
Susan Matthews, Sarah Louise Ricketts, Robina Summers, Anne Sushames, Olga Walters,
Toni Warrell and Fiona Wright.
 It is being held at Media House Gallery in the Age Building,
655 Collins Street, Melbourne.
4 August - 26 September 2014
 I will call in again to have a good look and not be in so much of a rush.
From the glances that I had, beautiful pieces of art on show.
The exhibitors are giving talks.
Now looking for another regional exhibition to visit as I have another voucher to use in September.