Friday, June 27, 2014

Melbourne Craft and and Quilt Show

Went along to the show yesterday and spent the day catching up with friends, a 2 hour stint of white glove duty, knitting Poppies and cruising the stalls.
The Sentinels were on display.
(* my Sentinel)
 It was interesting how everyone interpreted the stitching and the embellishments used.

 Dijanne has another to be stitched for another exhibition. I bought one, the opposite colour to the one I had previously finished.
 One of my 2 purchases, Misti Alpaca 4 ply and a free pattern for another scarf.
In the tones of blues, teal, olive green and terracotta.
The quilts on display were fantastic.
Spent some time knitting at the 5,000 Poppies display. I handed over 49 poppies to Lyn and sat and knitted 2 more. There was a lot of interest. 5,000 was the target and at the moment 19,000+ have been made by knitting, crotchet, felt and fabric. They are now aiming for 25,000 by April 2015 but at this rate they will certainly exceed the number.

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