Monday, June 9, 2014

Flying Geese

 Driving past Etihad Stadium this afternoon, noticed the outside of this building,
Flying Geese, a favourite pattern I love to make up.
 Emma arrived home from Africa late Sunday night with a few treasures for me.
A piece of fabric from a market in Botswana. These lengths of wax dyed fabric are used for head dresses of the women. I have a few pieces also from her previous trip over there, now looking for a pattern to make up.
I was also given a little woven pot as she knows I love collecting containers.
We have a tradition between the 2 of us, each trip we collect a Christmas decoration to give each other. A little hand painted elephant, a memento from Kruger National Park.


  1. Yes - welcome home Emma. Jenni - looking forward to an African themed quilt.

  2. Yes, welcome home to Emma also. Love the woven items she bought back.