Sunday, May 4, 2014

Weekend of Sewing, Knitting and Football

 I have always admired these rusted seed sculptures on the corner of Flemington Road, down from the Zoo.
One day I will stop the car to see who the artist is and what it is called.
 Nth Melbourne at Etihad this afternoon.
The wind was bitterly cold on the walk to the ground, 
but I am sure our mascot was toasty and warm in his Kanga suit.

 All that is left to knit is the neck and front bands. 
Sewed it together watching a movie last night 
with a glass of red and block of chocolate.
Completed stars for my next piece.
Not sure how many I will decide to make.


  1. Love your little stars Jenni - are you keeping to the same colourways with each of them? If you are and would like more browns, I have heaps.

    1. Thank you for the offer Joy, I am doing every colour in my Civil War/Repo fabric stash. Just happen to start at the front of the box which were browns.

  2. I passed by Flemington Rd on my way to work for 16 years and have never noticed the sculptures. Will have to search out some swiss chocolate in the next few days.