Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Rose Garden

After a 12 month break, I have returned to volunteering at the Victorian State Rose Garden at Werribee Park. It was lovely, out in the fresh air. Pruning starts in a couple of weeks and I am returning to the Standard Roses. Looking forward it.
Received an email from Emma last night, they are currently in Maun, coming from the Kalahari.
"Just got back from the delta. Had a great time. Saw lots of animals on our walk. Including hippos that tried to charge the boat. We had a traditional dinner with our hands but first we had to wash all the men's hands, dish up their food and then present it to them on our knees. It was very funny and the people cheered us all as we did it."

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  1. So, are you saying that I should start pruning my roses soon?