Thursday, April 10, 2014

Fibre Arts Week @ Ballarat

 The start of the week at Ballarat where I am doing a class with Lucy Worsley on Stitch it with Collage.
 We were greeted this morning with these amazing mobiles made from books hanging outside the dinning room.
 Sharing a room with Jeann and Nola in the Dart Dormitory of the Grammar School.
This dorm is the boys wing and unfortunately there is a slight hint of testosterone in the air!!!
Noticed this sign in the boys kitchen.
 Our first day of class, we chose photocopies of photos and free motioned them on the machine in a hoop using calico.
 Black thread is used and when finished the reverse side is used. I chose a door as one of my samples and filled it in with mixed yellow thread to represent stained glass.

 Another photo I used, was of the cottage next door to Monet's Garden in France. The photocopy was in black and white and I used red, brown and yellow thread for the vines growing on the side of the cottage. I wasn't happy with the reverse side but the stitching on the actual photo side came out really well, so I was pleased.
Our next task was to make up sheets for the background of the collages. I used tissue paper, pages from an old Electronic manual, dress making instructions/
pattern and torn sheets of paper with corrugated tissue.
This evening after dinner was a slide night featuring 4 of the tutors and their works.


  1. Your work looks interesting Jenni. You actually got a lot done in one day.