Sunday, March 30, 2014

Weekend Bits and Pieces so far

 Saturday morning decided to start making some 1" diamonds, but then realised when I had bought the packets I forgot to include the template in my order.
 So... then started to make up the corner section for the 5th border of my Medallion quilt.....
....then realised I was 2 squares short.
 Saturday - With Sue and Wayne... we are Godparents to each others children.
It is sad when it takes a function to finally catch up with close friends.
We have vowed to make it together more often.
 Sunday morning Nando decided she need some therapeutic scratching in the vegie garden

 The roses are having a second flush, wonderful lot of rain last night.

A quick trip to Bunnings this morning.
Planted Sugar Snap Peas
We have our old bath and Emma gave her Dad her bath.
Parsley, rosemary, mint and coriander.
 Filled up the second bath and planted snow peas and baby spinach.
Also came home from Bunnings with 2 Azaleas, this pretty Argyranthemum Sassy daisy and a blue Salvia "African Sky". All of them are sun tolerant.
Now off for a Sunday afternoon drive and a coffee in this beautiful sunshine.

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  1. Those sugar snap peas made me look twice - I thought your sweet peas had come up pretty fast!