Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Travel Sewing Lanyard

I was asked on the weekend, what do I take on the plane when we holiday overseas.
I take this lanyard with me. Put it around my neck and there is no chance of me dropping it etc.
Little pair of scissors, pin cushion with a few pins and a couple of needles tucked in under the "cathedral window" flaps and my daisy needle threader and cutting blade.
The steward on the flight noticed me embroidering my Sentinel and asked if a lady a few rows down could borrow my needle threader. She had lost a button off her jacket. Unfortunately she broke it on the first attempt to thread her needle (unfortunately no apologies when she handed it back).
I found a threader in the hotel sewing kit and it tucks into the flaps of the "cathedral window" of the pin cushion. The lanyard is very light to wear and carry.

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