Saturday, November 16, 2013

Modern Dubai

 The modern side of Dubai is like an overdose of Bling!!!
Each new building has to be bigger, higher and more exotic than the previous.
It is an architectural palette for designers.
Each architect is trying to beat the Guinness World records for buildings.

 The shopping malls are over the top with waterfalls, laser light shows, ice skating rinks, ski runs and aquariums. Dubai Mall is the largest, over 2200 shops and my only complaint is that they spend millions on their malls, but there only a handful of seats for shoppers to sit on.
 The tallest building, the lift rises at over 240 km per hour.

 Atlantis resort on the Palm. There is so much money spent that we wondered if they do anything for charity. 99% of the residents have private health insurance. There 0 - 01% crime rate.
The date palm is their sacred tree, 3,000 dirham fine if you hit a palm tree with a car and 30,000 dirham if you accidently hit a camel. The majority of cars driven are Japanese makes.
 If you are a non national and you lose your job, you are given 30 days to find another job or you are asked and HAVE to leave the country.
The Germans are the highest rate of tourists. Majority of the UAE's speak German.
 The driverless train metro system.
We got the impression that we were in a huge Disneyland.
 Dubai Mall aquarium.

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