Friday, November 29, 2013

Sentinel Finished.

"Sentinel - one who or that which watches or stands as if watching".
 I have called her "Marigold" and she is watching over Nature's Garden. 

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Geelong Patchwork and Quilters Guild Exhibition

I went along to see our Guild Exhibition, wonderful quilts were on display.
Unfortunately after enquiring about photo signage stating that no photos were to be downloaded to the "Internet" without the quilt owners permission, I was unable to share the exhibition with you.
I spoke to a committee member and blogs, face book etc come under the no Internet rule.
Congratulations to all the makers, your work was fantastic

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Thank you

Victorian Sunrise
Thank you to everyone who has read my blog on our holiday.
We hope you have enjoyed seeing our travels.
Arrived home this morning from an amazing time away.
Now it's back to reality.
Cheers Jenni and John

Dubai at Night

Modern Dubai

 The modern side of Dubai is like an overdose of Bling!!!
Each new building has to be bigger, higher and more exotic than the previous.
It is an architectural palette for designers.
Each architect is trying to beat the Guinness World records for buildings.

 The shopping malls are over the top with waterfalls, laser light shows, ice skating rinks, ski runs and aquariums. Dubai Mall is the largest, over 2200 shops and my only complaint is that they spend millions on their malls, but there only a handful of seats for shoppers to sit on.
 The tallest building, the lift rises at over 240 km per hour.

 Atlantis resort on the Palm. There is so much money spent that we wondered if they do anything for charity. 99% of the residents have private health insurance. There 0 - 01% crime rate.
The date palm is their sacred tree, 3,000 dirham fine if you hit a palm tree with a car and 30,000 dirham if you accidently hit a camel. The majority of cars driven are Japanese makes.
 If you are a non national and you lose your job, you are given 30 days to find another job or you are asked and HAVE to leave the country.
The Germans are the highest rate of tourists. Majority of the UAE's speak German.
 The driverless train metro system.
We got the impression that we were in a huge Disneyland.
 Dubai Mall aquarium.

Old Dubai

 There are 2 sides to Dubai, the old and the new modern side.
The heat was bearable, 25 - 30 degrees for winter up to 45 - 52 degrees in Summer.
The old section has so much character. The tall towers are for cooling, the first type of air conditioners. The canal through the middle can be crossed by traditional Dhows, these small boast carry passengers sitting on either side.

 Friday is Holy Day in Dubai, their weekends are Friday and Saturday.

 The pale colour of the old buildings blend in with the sand and looked great
against the deep blue sky.
There are over 900 mosques. The Jumeriah mosque is the only one that can be visited by non Muslims, a tour at 10am, only on a Thursday. 

The Souks (markets). Unfortunately the spice market decided to close for the day, we visited the Gold Souk, after walking past several, I was turned off gold. There is no price, all the gold is priced according to weight. I bought myself 2 cashmere  scarves. Bargaining was a must, so I really don't know if I did it right or not. Anyway, I loved the scarves.

The Muslims are called to prayer 5 times a day.
At the top of each mosque tower are sets of speakers and after the first couple of times, you get used to hearing the calling. Our hotel room had a prayer mat in the bed side drawer as well as a Bible.
On the ceiling of our room, there is an arrow, showing the direction of Mecca.
We were explained the women's dress and was surprised to ear that the veil and long black gowns are not worn for religion but for culture and custom only.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Days in London

 We have had a very busy and full 3 days in London.
Remembrance Day is celebrated on both Sunday,10th and Monday, 11 November.
We only had to wait for 5 minutes outside Buckingham Palace and the stream of Royal Cars came past us on their way to the Cenotaph.
 Was so busy taking the photo of the Queen and Prince Phillip that I didn't have time to get, William, Kate and Harry on the car behind.
 2 minutes silence, 11th November at 11am. on Big Ben.
The canon fired at the start and at the end of the silence.
The street we were in stood silent and still. Not one person moved.
 After we walked towards Oxford Street, Fortnum and Mason.
 Then caught the tube to Abbey Road.
Did the tourist thing of striding across the zebra crossing.
it must drive the cars crazy, so many tourists standing in the middle of the crossing.
 Walked down the street and around the corner to Lords.
The JP Morgan Media Centre, where we sat in and looked over the ground.
Also visited the dressing rooms.
Enjoyed the tour, was very interesting, we were in a group of 30 Indian cricket fans.
Majority of the tour referred to England and Australia.
 The owners of the apartments are not impressed as their million dollar view of the ground has been obstructed by the white tents at the top of the stand.
27 year waiting list to become a member of the MCC as the members are living longer in age.
I went to the Royal Gown Exhibition at Kensington Palace.
Just a couple of the Queens Gowns.
Stunning bead work.
 2 of Princess Margaret's dresses.
 Queen Victoria's Wedding Dress, beautiful lacework.
She was only 4 foot 10 inches tall, a powerful lady with a short stature.
 The view from the Palace of the Round Pond in Kensington Gardens.
Bought back memories, 40 years ago I walked around the pond for several mornings
when I was last there.
 Queen Victoria with Kensington Palace in the background.
12 members of the Royal Family still live there.
Kate and William are having a 50 room apartment renovated at the moment.
Harry also lives there. Told that the Queen does not like living in Buckingham Palace,
one day it will be turned into a museum
 Autumn in Kensington Gardens. Would make great compost!!
 Called into the Royal Mews Museum, a working museum for the Queens horses.
This is the Australian Carriage, around the top are gold leaf Australian wild flowers.
 The Queens Gold Coronation Carriage.
I was surprised, it is made of wood and painted with gold leaf.
 Areal view of Buckingham Palace and surrounding areas.
On the side of the gardens, in the middle at the bottom of the photo,
is the square building with a centre court and tree,
this is the Royal Mews.
Our hotel is across the road on the corner, Buckingham Palace Road.
 While I was at the gowns, John went to the Cavalry Museum.
 Before we checked out, a visit to the V and A Museum.
Saw a wonderful exhibition on Chines Textiles and below,
an exhibition of Islamic tiles, pottery, carpets and silk fabrics.