Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Lyon, Day 1

 The Basilica on the hill, the old side of Lyon.
 The old side from the River Saone
 One of the tiled floors of the Basilica.
 Another tiled floor
 The ceiling was stunning and the sides of the Basilica were tiled stories.
Amazing work.
 Another tiled floor of the Basilica.
 One of the side Chapels.
 Overlooking Lyon from the hill on the old side.
 The new side, striking difference.

 This building had frogs adorning the balconies. If you didn't like frogs,
 I suppose you wouldn't buy one of the apartments.
John thought I had better have a photo taken in the heart of Lyon.
2nd photo of me on the trip so far, I'm too busy taking the photos.


  1. Wonderful tiles!

    And we have proof you are really there, now.

  2. And you are doing a good job, taking the photos. I hope you had time to try Lyon gastronomic specialities.