Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Geneve, Switzerland

 Changed our mind and headed to Geneve, an hours drive from Annecy.
Came around a bend and on the side was an old bridge with turrets.
Built in 1839.
 Lake Geneve with it's famous water Jet.
Built in 1850's to regulate the water system in the city.
It attracted tourists, so was kept, the water jet is now supplied by 2 high pressure pumps.
 We were advised to take our passports, just in case, there is no border control,
the little hut looked as if it hadn't been occupied in years.

150th Anniversary of the Red Cross.
 Switzerland is well known for cuckoo clocks,
either side of the tower....
 ...chocolate... cars....
(1st blue Ferrari I have ever seen)
...and watches.
We promise, Lucy, Lennon and Nando, we will not do this to you.
The chickens in an expensive gourmet shop had their head and some feathers still on them!!!

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