Friday, October 18, 2013

Driving in France

 Fathers Day 2011, Emma gave her Dad a Road Atlas France.
Before we left home we went to buy the France maps for our Garmen, for an extra $10 we got the full Europe Maps. Both of these together have been the best, the navigator does not have the towns, but the atlas does. So far so good, only a few u turns as we have headed the wrong way.
At a V intersection, we get told to steer right, but it really means verge left!!!
Sorry now I didn't bring a highlighter to mark the routes we have taken.
We have taken the Tolls off the navigator and are seeing some beautiful little villages on the way.
 Our 4 door 208 Peugeot, brand new car, it was cheaper to lease than to hire. I think we will have to find a petrol station before we hand it back to give it a good clean and vacuum. It runs on Diesel, 1.309 Euros per litre. 2 large suitcases and 1 small carry on with wheels fits perfectly in the hatch back.
 The biggest problem we or should I say ME, is that all the villages you drive through have no toilets.
I found this one in Auxerre, put my 0.40 Euros in and the door wouldn't open. Had to find a café, have a coffee just to use their bathroom.
 I always take in holidays then end of the Gladwrap. Comes in handy if we are using the supermarkets for lunch etc.
For 18 Euros, we bought 2 mugs, a small thermos and a little kettle. The hotels don't have a kettle, cups etc. Stopped on the side of the road for a cuppa and an almond blueberry tart.
Unfortunately, everything including food shops close between 12 - 2.30pm for workers to have their lunch. One advantage is, they all go home, so we can get a car park easy and head off for a walk.
 The back roads we are taking are very narrow, usually only one lane wide. You cannot pull over on the roads as there are no gutters, only the edges of the fields. I breathe in every time a car tries to pass us. Also because you can't stop, I have to take photos through the windscreen. Sometimes I say...oohh look the time I get it out we have passed what I want to photograph.
 Speed limits are 90 on the back roads and within metres it goes down to 30kph through the villages. On the "A" highways, 130kph is the limit, we toddle along at 115 and whoosh, the other drives fly past us. The French love to tail gate, and it is one of my pet hates re driving.
It took me a couple of villages to realise this meant, end of the village, town or city.

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  1. You are having an adventure! I like the sound of the almond blueberry tart.