Tuesday, October 29, 2013


 We left Orange at 9.30am this morning to drive to Annecy towards the Swiss Alps.
After heading around in circles again, we put the toll back on the navigator and drove the 3 hours up north. By driving the tollways, 25 Euros later, it saved us over an hour in time.
At one stage John hit the speed at 131 kmph, and cars were still flying past us.
He said we need to get the door handle fixed as I was holding on so tight!!!
 One of the many toll way gates. They work really well, but we wonder why they don't have an etag system like we do. Would save a lot of time putting coins etc. in the slot to pay, especially when I give him 10, 20 and 50s to use up the change!!!
 Emma, this is for you, her name is Gerda, a real sweetie, ugly but sweet.
 Annecy is a lovely village as well as a commercial town, built on 2 canals.

 Palais de L'ile on one of the canals.
 We took an hours cruise on Lac d' Annecy.
It was surprising to see how much Swiss influence is in the villages on the foreshores of the lake.
 At the end of the lake was this Chateau, what a wonderful view to wake up to each morning.
The lake was full of pleasure craft, we got the impression that in Summer time, it would be packed with holiday makers.
After the cruise went for a walk though the village town.
Sat down, had a drink and then some dinner, early night tonight.
We were thinking of driving to Gene've, Switzerland tomorrow for the day, 48 km away, but will pick another town on the map for France.

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  1. Beautiful little town - you are having a fantastic time. But I hope you have missed or will miss the very bad storms England and part of the Continent are experiencing. Keep having a safe journey.